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Quick Bear Farm

Rick Mangnall
82333 Lost Creek Rd, Dexter, OR 97431
(541) 937-2365, quickbearfarm@gmail.com

We raise pastured Berkshire pork with no antibiotics or growth hormones and on a mostly organic diet. We also offer DIY butchering workshops to those who buy whole or half pigs.

Certifications: None

Farming Practices: We use organic soil amendments and fertilizers, diverse crop rotations, and cover crops. Our goal is to give our animals the best lives possible. They are confined 5% of the time. We practice seasonal pasturing. In addition to pasture, animals are fed organic butternut squash, sweet potato, marionberry, apple juice, vanilla ice cream, hazelnuts, coconut, pecans, etc, as well as non-organic field peas, triticale, wheat, etc. We source additional feed from a regional distributor. We raise heritage breeds.

Product Categories: Pork, butchering workshops

Extended Season Products:

Available at: Our farm; Dexter Lake Farmers Market

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