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Loud Pond Farm

Abby & Phil Biboux
Noti, OR 97461
(541) 521-3654, loudpondfarm@gmail.com

Since 2010, we have grown high-quality, pastured meats for local folks who care about the provenance of their food. We put our energy toward growing lush pasture and closely monitor the health of our animals. We care deeply about the land and each animal that we raise

Certifications: None

Farming Practices: We work hard to produce the finest pasture for our animals, growing nutrient-dense forage, moving animals frequently, and stockpiling lush grass for spring lambs. We use organic soil amendments and fertilizers. Animals are not confined. All lambs are 100% grassfed. Breeding ewes’ diet is improved with regionally produced hay in late winter. Our pastured poultry’s diet is supplemented with locally milled grain.

Product Categories: Lamb, poultry, eggs

Available at: Our farm; Grit Kitchen

Products Available:

Chicken Eggs