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Fog Hollow Farm

Stephen Knox & Terah Van Dusen
18430 Hwy 126, Walton, OR 97490
(406) 208-7775, FogHollowFarmLLC@gmail.com

Fog Hollow Farm serves communities from the Willamette Valley to the Oregon Coast with local GMO-free chicken and eggs. We value sustainable, humane animal husbandry and the evolution of our food system toward a logical, locally based structure. The result is healthy, nutritious poultry for our bodies, our community, and the environment.

Certifications: None

Farming Practices: Our animals are confined 020% of the time. We use management-intensive practices. Our broiler chickens are fed a corn- and soy-free, non-GMO feed that is milled locally from grains and legumes grown within 100 miles of our farm. Our egg layers are fed certified organic feed.

Product Categories: Chicken, duck, lamb, eggs, bone-in chicken breasts, leg quarters, wings, soup/stock mix, feet, liver, heart, gizzards

Extended Season Products:

Available at: Farmers markets (Fairmount Neighborhood, Veneta Downtown, Florence); Yachats Brewing


Products Available:

Chicken Eggs