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Estill Family Farms (Elkton)

Paula Estill
32527 State Hwy 38, Elkton, OR 97436
(541) 836-7612, jcestill@gmail.com

Estill Farms is a blueberry farm, which now has 2 locations: our Elkton Farm (near Scottsburg), which is now certified organic; and our Drain Farm (conventional). We provide U-pick, farmers market, commercial, and frozen berry sales. We offer Draper and Top Shelf berries in Elkton, and Draper and Liberty berries in Drain.

Certifications: USDA Certified Organic (Elkton Farm only), GLOBALG.A.P. (both farms)

Farming Practices: We follow certified organic standards at our Elkton Farm. We use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides at our Drain Farm (but the edible part of the plant is not directly sprayed). As of now, herbicides are used for weed control only.

Product Categories: Berries

Available at: Our farms (Elkton, Drain); farmers markets (Coos Bay, Umpqua Valley/Roseburg); Tomaselli’s (Elkton)

Organic  Farm Stand  

Products Available:

Blueberries (U-Pick)