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A & M Family Farms

Aaron Lake
84735 Parkway RD, Pleasant Hill, OR 97455
(541) 214-9127, amfamfarms@gmail.com

We are a small family farm that raises pasture-raised chicken, pork, lamb, and turkeys. We use sustainable farming practices and supplement with certified organic feeds. We welcome folks to come tour the farm and see what we are about!

Certifications: None

Farming Practices: We use organic soil amendments and fertilizers. Diverse crop rotations, cover cropping, organically approved pesticide sprays, and integrated pest management. Animals are not confined. We use management-intensive pasturing. In addition to pasture, we feed our animals certified organic feeds from a regional distributor. We raise heritage breeds.

Product Categories: Eggs, lamb, pork, turkey, chicken, honey

Available at: Our farm

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Products Available:

Chicken Eggs