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Eat local all winter!

November 19th, 11 AM - 5 PM

We're partnering with the Lane County Farmers Market to co-host "Fill Your Pantry at the Holiday Farmers Market" on Sunday, November 19th, 11 am - 5 pm.

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Want to eat local and support farmers?

Find out how in our 2017 Locally Grown guide

Our annual guide to local food in Lane County includes farmers markets, farm stands, grocers, merchants, U-picks, CSAs, and more.

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Double Up Food Bucks

Stretch your SNAP dollars!

Double Up Food Bucks doubles the purchasing power of SNAP or food stamp benefits, helping low-income shoppers purchase healthy, farm fresh produce at participating farmers markets.

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Willamette Farm and Food Coalition (WFFC) connects consumers to local farmers, ranchers, and processors and the delicious foods they produce from the Willamette Valley’s fertile soils. We believe in the power of local food to create a strong, healthy, and resilient community. WFFC is a nonprofit organization based in Eugene, Oregon and serves all of Lane County. We invite you to join the fresh food movement.

Shop now to Fill Your Pantry at the Holiday Farmers Market

Our 7th Annual Fill Your Pantry event is happening soon. This one-day bulk buying event is a unique opportunity to buy food for storing, freezing, drying, or canning in quantities that will help you eat local all winter.

Online preordering has closed, but more products will be available at the event on November 19th at the Holiday Farmers Market. See you there!

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Want to know more? Wondering how to store all that good food? Read about Fill Your Pantry here.

For some farms, this event makes a big difference in their financial stability as it helps them extend and expand their late season crops. For consumers, Fill Your Pantry offers a chance to stock up on a wide variety of long-lasting veggies, fruits, grains, beans, frozen foods, meat, honey, and more. Support your local food system AND increase your winter self-sufficiency at the same time.

Double Up Food Bucks

With Double Up Food Bucks, shoppers using SNAP (or food stamp) benefits receive “food bucks” valued at $10 per market day. Food bucks can be used to purchase fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods. WFFC partnered with four markets this season to offer Double Up to low-income community members.

To “double up,” go to a participating farmers market, swipe your Oregon Trail Card, match up to $10 with food bucks, and shop for fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, beans, cut herbs, nuts, and edible plant starts. It’s that easy!

Double Up is a partnership among local farmers markets, Farmers Market Fund, and WFFC and is made possible by generous support from local funders.

Community support is essential to keep the Double Up Food Bucks program going. Help expand access to locally grown produce by donating today. Thank you!

Locally Grown Guide

The 2017 edition of Locally Grown is available in print and online. Our comprehensive annual guide is the premier resource to all things locally grown, raised, or processed in Lane County. Thank you to the farms, food businesses, community partners, and sponsors who make publication of our guide possible.